Journey Through Japan

A Family Oriented DMV Area Elite Baseball & Cultural Experience

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About The Trip

The Journey Through Japan 2019 Baseball Trip will be led by 3 of Northern Virginia baseball's top varsity baseballcoaches. The program will be oriented around extremely high level competition and a mix of culture, history, and vacation that will leave both athletes and families with a true 'once in a lifetime' experience.

 July 30 - August 12*, 2019

  • 13 Day Custom designed tour
  • Land only and Airfare included package options
  • Represent The USA on the international stage

  • In depth cultural experience  
  • Pre-Planned Travel Logistics  
  • 7-8 Baseball Games 
  • Pre-Trip Training With Top Coaches  
  • Professionally led tour 
  • Flexible payment options  

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Get A Flavor Of Japan...

Tokyo, Japan  

Flashing lights, technology, amazing food, cartoon characters and people everywhere!...Find out why Tokyo is known as the world's most renowned Asian city!

Kyoto, Japan  

Known to be the historical epicenter of what many picture to be the 'classical' Japan.  

What Makes Japan A 'TRUE Once In A Lifetime' Country?  


Technology & Culture

  World Class Hospitality

History & Landmarks

Amazing Food

Honor, Pride, & Tradition

 Skylines, Nature, & Views

What Have Past Trips Looked Like?  

Germany & Central Europe  


Prague & London 

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