Immaculate Italy Tour

A Family Oriented Competitive Baseball & Cultural Experience

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About The Trip

The Immaculate Italy Baseball Tour is a cultural and baseball experience designed around uncovering Italy in a way you would never imagine...through baseball! With one of Europe's longest standing youth baseball tournaments, Due Torri in Parma, Italy, we have been invited to participate as one of, if not the only team from the USA.  

Most importantly, while this is a competitive experience, this trip is also about representing the US in the right way, playing with character, and enjoying a fully-fledged family-oriented vacation. From seeing the iconic sights, to eating the food, and learning the history, everything is pre-planned so you don't have to do a thing! 

15u Division July 20th - 30th, 2019

  • 11 Day Custom Designed Tour
  • Land Only and Airfare Included Package Options
  • Represent The USA In One Of Europe's Largest Youth Baseball Tournament
  • USA Jerseys

  • In depth Cultural Experience  
  • Pre-Planned Travel Logistics  
  • 5-6 Baseball Games 
  • Meals & Team Parties With International Teams 
  • Pre-Trip Training & Practices 
  • Professionally Lead Trip
  • Flexible Payment Options  
  • Trip Fundraising Options
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About 'Due Torri' Tournament

'Due Torri' means 'Two Towers' in Italian. The tournament is named this because of the famous two towers that make upthe different sides of the city of Parma. If this is the first time you've heard about Parma, you are in for what will undoubtedly be an authentic italian experience!  

About The Tournament  

- Located in beautiful and charming, Parma, Italy 5-6 games over 4 days of playing - Playing 'up' a division to challenge ourselves! - Opening ceremony with 30+ teams from different countries - Competitive bracket with 6+ teams  

MVP's 2018 Due Torri Experience  

In 2018, MVP International partnered with Primetime Baseball in Alexandria to send a team to compete in the tournament. The team was surprised at the talent level of the other italian and international teams they faced. They took 3rd place in the tournament, but most importantly came home with a lifetime experience of Italy, culture, and meeting players from around the world.  

Photo Credit to DL Action Sports

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Get A Taste Of Where We're Going!...

Venice - Florence - Parma - Milan

Venice Italy

Due Torri Tournament (Parma, Italy) 

Florence, Italy

A Quick Glimpse At Our Adventure...

Culture / History / Education / Competition / Fun!

Venice Gondola Ride

Parma 'Due Torri' Tournament

Milan History Tour

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“This was one of the ​best vacations our family has ever had​! And, we didn’t have to plan a thing” 

Kristie C.

“We had heard how amazing these trips were ... but e​ven with all of the hype we were all happily surprised.​ It is ​hard to figure out how to do a better trip with a young teenager​” 

Eric W.

 “These extraordinary vacations are among my ​favorite life experiences​ with my son”. 

Dave H.